One Application for your school needs

School Diary a trusted mobile App by thousands of parents
and schools helps in communication and running the day to day
activities of the school at ease. One App that supports the Parents,
Teachers & the Administration.

Our Solution


Communicate & engage with parents and staff using SMS & Messaging

Fee Collect

Collect fees with maximum security thru Mobile App and manage collected fees


One App for Online class, assignments, Study materials, Homework etc,.


One login to control the entire school with different levels of permissions

Why choose us
Parent & Teacher
Support System


A well designed and planned support system takes care of the needs of the parents and teachers with the help of a help desk.

Product Customisation


Product is customised as per the requirement of the school. Each feature in the product is designed to enhance the user experience in a much effective manner

Support System


Our dedicated staff enables the school to maintain and run the application and the ERP system at ease and with precision.



All reports to the management are readily available and scheduled activities are handled in a much organised manner to ensure constant customer engagement

The world of benefits

With School Diary, schools enjoy a world of benefits that would enable and empower the school to provide these benefits to the parent and the student. By signing up with the product, the school is enrolled in various programs to enlighten the student lives all at no extra cost.

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